The Gold Standard in Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy for dogs

Become a Veterinary Partner

Deliver in-house Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy WITH no commitments

Inpatient Care

Deliver peri-operative Inpatient assessments and client discharges
Physiotherapy services to support Orthopaedic surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, ECC, Soft Tissue Surgery, and Cardiology

Outpatient Clinics

Additional practice revenue with outpatient clinics
Serve your clients as outpatients with pain management clinics, outpatient care clinics and mobility support to drive long term client value

Collection services

for hydrotherapy sessions at our petersfield clinic
Our air conditioned transportation vehicle has two secure cages suitable for both canine and feline species.

Staff Training

CPD training in rehabilitation benefits for veterinary staff
Onboard your whole veterinary team with full training to enhance knowledge and skillsets

Scaleable services

Scale services and staffing to meet demand
We're here and ready when you are. When you need more staff we've got your back. And in leaner times we'll scale down

The risk free path to supercharging your practice

Add inpatient care, pain management clinics, mobility clinics and more to your services without bearing the heavy costs of staffing and facilities. Our compassionate and experience practitioners practice  day-to-day rehabilitative care at our head quarters in Petersfield where we have a full suite of physiotherapeutic and hydrotherapeutic tools.

When you partner with us you’ll get masters qualified physiotherapists, our equipment and experience to deliver in patient or out patient care at your practice for all small animals not just canine. Fully covered by our insurance and regulated by an internationally recognised governing body. for one fixed fee.

Choose a Partnership Plan To Suit You

White Label

Your business, Your Branding, Your Rules

Our team work as contractors for your practice as part of your team when you need them. With this plan your clients will simply assume our staff are your staff.


OUR team x your team = supercharged care

Our 5 star rehabilitation reputation partnered with your practice and clinical reputation working together to offer your patient's the ultimate in pain and mobility management.

Support Staff

On demand physiotherapy support staff

Staff sickness, planned absences or service scaling delivered with out masters qualified small animal physiotherapists. Just a call away when needed.

Additional partnership perks

Remote Hydrotherapy Suite

Our air-conditioned pet-safe transportation vehicles can collect and return inpatient care for intensive hydrotherapy sessions at our centre

Costs controlled with fixed fees

We agree with you a fixed fee for the services you need so you are in complete control. You can set your own fees and build them into your care packages

Online Home Exercise Portal

Our bespoke home exercise portal provides your clients with a tailored exercise programme featuring photographic and video how to guides

Free pet activity monitors*

Monitor your patients activity levels with a free pit-pat pet activity monitor. Clients can share their pet's activity levels with your or our practitioners

The New Breed Of Physiotherapists

Veterinary Standards

To comply with the RCVS professional code  it’s critical that veterinarians are assured of the professional standards and experience of treating physiotherapists.

In the old days the simple solution was to choose an ACPAT therapist. However ACPAT recognise that there are now a wide range of other routes into becoming a veterinary physiotherapy.

We are a new breed of physiotherapists that believe in order to give full assurance practitioners need to combine experience, skills, professional conduct and client care. That’s why our practitioners are masters qualified, active in their profession, under continuous personal development and go the extra mile in client education and care.

Quality assurance guarantees



We let our clients talk for us.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured by Hiscox Insurance with specialist cover appropriately tailored to this specialist sector including:

  • £5,000,000 public liability
  • £10,000,000 employers liability
  • £50,000 vet fee cover per client

Fully Qualified

all of Our physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications at masters level in veterinary physiotherapy. Some practitioners are also:

  • Undergraduates in animal & Human sciences 
  • Advanced hydrotherapy specialists
  • clinical educators for physio students

Proudly serving All Small Animals Not Just Dogs

*Free Pit Pat Pet Activity Monitor Subject to contractual agreements