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Canine Sports Medicine

Veterinary Sports Medicine

Veterinary sports medicine is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the athletic performance of animals.

Sports medicine may be of benefit to any animal, but the majority of patients are dogs involved in competitive activities or physically intensive work.

Knee, shoulder and back injuries are common. Veterinary sports medicine aims to improve the dog’s physical fitness, gait, posture and overall body performance to help prevent injuries, and facilitate recovery if they do occur.

Therapeutic Services

Sports massage Therapy

Joint mobilisation

Temporospatial gait analysis

LED and Laser Therapy

Water Based Therapy

Home exercise protocols

Sports Dog Injuries

Many sports dogs and other canine athletes get injuries which are commonly not picked up by vets in general practice. This is mostly due to the drive of the dog to carry on training and competing regardless of pain. We are used to seeing these dogs and examining them in different ways.

This allows us to pick up these injuries and treat even the most subtle of sports dog injuries. Signs of a problem may not even be a limp. Owners may start to notice changes in their dog if their time is slower than usual, they’ve started to knock down poles, or are running under jumps.

Get the Competitive Advantage

Our Canine Sports Medicine team can help your dog to: 

Treatments at our clinic can improve your dog’s athletic performance as well as maintaining a happy, healthy life. We help to treat a variety of Canine Athletes working on: 

We understand how focused sporting dogs are, and how to help each individual dog to better their field. Our team have proudly supported Team GB world agility sport dogs and Cani-cross champions!

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British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association

Sports Nutrition

Get specialist nutritional advice

Health Assessments

Address issues before injury

Recovery Programmes

Supporting dogs post-injury