Terms of service

Please read our Terms of Service carefully before booking an appointment at our Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre. They are there for the safety of you and your pet.

We want you and your pet to enjoy visiting our Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre. To ensure our centre runs safely we require you to read carefully our Terms of Service. If you have any questions, contact our team who will be happy to go through them with you.

By confirming your booking at our Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre you are agreeing to our Terms of Service stated below:

Section 1 : Administration

1.1 If your pet is coming to our Centre for rehabilitation we require a completed Veterinary Referral Form which can be done online. According to the The Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 2015, a Veterinary Physiotherapist can only treat animals by veterinary referral. Hydrotherapists act under the same rules. ‘Rehabilitation’ includes, but is not limited to, treatment post surgery, injury and illness, weight loss, arthritis, elderly patients, psychological wellbeing and pain management.

1.2 If your pet is coming to the centre for performance enhancement, or hydrotherapy for fun or fitness, we require the completion of a Veterinary Referral Form. Pets will not be able to use our facilities without the prior agreement of their vet.

1.3 Treatment fees are payable at prior to each session online, by cash or card.

1.4 Many insurance companies will reimburse costs for veterinary hydrotherapy and/or physiotherapy, however, you are advised to check your policy before booking an appointment. In most instances you will need your vet to countersign your claim form for these types of treatments.

Section 2 : Cancellation

2.1 We accept that you may occasionally need to cancel your booked appointment and our cancellation policy requires a 48 hour notice period. For cancelled appointments outside this period or non-attendance, the session fee will be charged in full.

2.2 The Canine Fitness Company will make all efforts to contact owners if an appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, but will not accept liability for any losses or damage.

2.3 We reserve the right to cancel any appointment due to power outage, unsafe operating conditions (such as ice, snow or severe rainfall causing flood like conditions) maintenance or illness.

Section 3 : Facility Usage

3.1 We have grassy areas around the centre and public footpaths near by for you to toilet your dogs, please leave plenty of time for this on arrival prior to your booked session. Please clear up after your dog in the Greenforde Farm Business Park grounds. A bin is available for waste disposal.

3.2 There are signposted parking facilities available adjacent and in front of the centre entrance. The Canine Fitness Company is not responsible for any damage, theft or injury caused by persons using the car park.

3.3 Pets must be clean, brushed and toileted prior to their sessions. You must clean up any accidents in or around our Centre.

3.4 A surcharge of £55 will be applied if your pet fouls in the pool or the gym. This will contribute towards the cost of draining and cleaning the equipment as we will have to cancel any further appointments that day. Puppies must be toilet trained before visiting our Centre.

3.5 Whilst every care is taken during treatments, pets do so entirely at the owners risk.

3.6 We reserve the right to take photographs and/or video footage of your pet during sessions for our treatment records. We may also use these to promote our Centre. If you would prefer not to have photographs/video taken of your pet for any reason please notify us when you arrive for your appointment.

Section 4 : Animal Welfare

4.1 You are required to notify us if your pet’s condition worsens or if your vet advises to pause or stop treatment.

4.2 Pets must be up to date with vaccinations, and flea and worming treatments.

4.3 We reserve the right to refuse treatment to pets with a contagious condition including, but not limited to, ear, eye & skin infections, gastric upset, kennel cough, hookworm and fleas. You are advised to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance and until the condition is clear. Normal cancellation conditions may apply.

4.4 For their safety, dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times whilst at our Centre when not undergoing treatment.

4.5 We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any pet we feel would endanger the therapist through nervous aggression.

4.6 To avoid sickness and/or potential health concerns, leave at least 1 hour before and 2 hours after your pet’s hydrotherapy appointment without giving them food. Drinking water is fine throughout. We may offer your pet a small healthy treat as a reward after their treatment/swim, please let us know when you arrive if this is not suitable for your pet.

4.7 We have a pet shower and dryer at our Centre, however, there may be times your pet will not be completely dry after their pool/treadmill session. We recommend bringing a pet coat or towel that your pet can travel home in.

4.8 In the rare instance that your animal requires urgent medical treatment during the session you provide consent in the provision of emergency first aid procedures for your animal.

Section 5 : Owner Health & Safety

5.1 Our facilities are used at your own risk. The Canine Fitness Company Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any person, pet or possession including vehicles.

5.2 You are advised to wear suitable clothing and non slip footwear as it can get quite wet in our Centre from hydrotherapy activities.

5.3 Any children visiting our Centre must be with the accompanying adult at all times.

5.4 Please read and abide by the visitors health and safety information on entering the centre.