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Nutrition and supplements

Overweight animals are at a greater risk of musculoskeletal injury given increased loading forces on limbs. Therefore, weight loss and dietary support can be an important part of rehabilitative nutrition.

Food is central to the health and wellbeing of your dog. Diet is at the root of the vast majority of modern canine health problems. It makes sense to involve a Canine Nutrition advisor for dog food advice in the life of your canine companion. We primarily think of nutrition when it comes to weight loss but effective nutrition can support dogs with underlying health conditions, prevent illness and support performance in sporting dogs.

Weight Management

Weight loss is tough for anyone – two- or four-legged! However, losing weight and getting in shape can not only add not years to your dog’s life, but it can also make those extra years more enjoyable.

Overweight and obese dogs usually have shorter lives than their fitter, normal weight counterparts. Heavy dogs tend to physically interact less with their families and are less energetic and playful. Because they tend to lie around more, it is easier to overlook early signs of illness, since we may attribute their lethargy to their normal laziness.

There is good evidence that dogs who are a healthy weight live significantly longer than dogs who are overweight.

Senior Dog Nutrition

The goal of proper senior nutrition is to help minimize the effects of aging on your dog. Aging is a gradual and continuous process and is greatly affected by nutrition. The right food and supplements for senior dogs should be considered an essential building block of healthy aging, with the aim of minimising the signs of growing older and enhancing your dog’s quality of life. Whether you’re adding supplements or switching to an additive-rich senior formula, proper nutrition that is suited to your senior dog’s stage of life will help support and positively influence the aging process. Your dog’s diet is a critical part of enhancing and maintaining his overall well being as he enters his senior years.

Sports Nutrition

High performance sport dogs are those bred and trained to compete in various athletic events. Events include but are not limited to, agility trials, hunting and racing. These events are physically and metabolically demanding. As a result, canine athletes require specialised nutrition in order to perform at high levels during events and for maintenance and recovery.

The main nutritional concern for sport dogs is adequate energy. A well-balanced diet, containing the appropriate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre and micronutrients is essential to meet these energy requirements.

Healthy Dog Feeding Guide

£ 74 99
  • Consultation call
  • Suitable for healthy dogs only
  • Health assessment form
  • Personalised feeding plan
  • 28-days of email support

Clinical Nutrition Consultation

£ 149 99
  • Consultation call
  • Improve a health condition
  • Health assessment form
  • Personalised feeding plan
  • 3 months of email support

Nutritional Calculator

Individual pet needs can vary by as much as 50% from calculated values however this calculator provides starting points for estimating the amount of food to be provided daily. All weight management plans should be in consultation with your registered vet.

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