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The Canine Fitness Centre is a state-of-the-art veterinary rehabilitation referral centre in Hampshire, specialising in evidence-based orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation problems for dogs.

The dedicated team of highly qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists and advanced qualified hydrotherapists offer a friendly, caring service. The team are all highly experienced veterinary professionals with additional qualifications in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and nutrition.

Treatments carried out by the The Canine Fitness Centre team are usually covered by pet insurance. We are one of a small handful of practices recognised and registered with the RCVS. We are fully insured and members of multiple voluntary professional bodies.

To refer a patient please fill in the referral form below. You can add up to 5 files – we ask you to please send a history and any relevant X-rays or discharge reports.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss a case please email referrals@thecaninefitnesscentre.co.uk or phone 01730 827994.

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Cruciate Disease

We offer pre-surgical, post-surgical and non-surgical support for all sizes and ages of dog. Typical treatments include laser therapy, Underwater Treadmill, Physiotherapy and home exercise programmes.

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

We offer a full rehabilitation package that builds supporting musculature, maintains joint range of motion and gives pain relief.

Idiopathic Lameness

We can help contribute towards lameness with thorough musculature, gait and stance analysis. Our specialist equipment and knowledge can help guide Vets towards faster diagnosis.

Muscle Wastage

Many older dogs suffer muscle wasting, particularly in the back legs. Physiotherapy, underwater treadmill work and a home exercise program will help maintain and even increase muscle mass.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Disc disease and degenerative myelopathy all typically respond well to intensive Physiotherapy. Proprioceptive pathways can be retrained and physiotherapy makes a significant difference to the outcome in these patients.


We are one of the busiest clinics in Europe seeing over 70 cases a week linked to primary and secondary arthritis. A multimodal approach provides dogs with greater results than medication alone. We are the first, and only, Veterinary rehabilitation practice acting as a strategic partner for the award winning “Canine Arthritis Management”.

Pain Management

Physiotherapy is very useful for the management of pain in conjunction with, and without medication. These treatments are particularly useful in NSAID intolerant patients.

Sporting Dogs

Agility, fly ball, obedience, IPO and working dogs suffer a range of specific sporting injuries. These are sometimes quite subtle and difficult to diagnose in practice. They require specialist investigation, treatment and physiotherapy regimes for recovery to full fitness. We also work with fit and healthy dogs to strengthen muscle groups and prevent injury.

Weight Loss

Overweight patients benefit from specialist nutritional advice and fat burning exercise without overloading the joints

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