The Gold Standard in Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy for dogs

Dog Swimming Pool

Swimming does not have to be for rehabilitative purposes – it is a great tool to improve and maintain your pet’s health. Within the safety of our pool your dog can swim with toys or assistance from our therapists, we’ll help them build confidence, increase fitness and provide mental stimulation without impacting on joints and their mobility.

Hydrotherapy provides great relief from stress from those dogs that may not be as fit as they once used to be such as elder dogs. Due to the weightless nature of hydrotherapy elderly dogs can swim in a non-weight bearing environment which is easier on the joints and allows for greater movement leading to an increase in muscle tone and general fitness.

Health Benefits

Wellbeing Benefits

Working Benefits

Water Quality

For the safety and wellbeing of our patients, clients and practitioners we have extensive water quality measures in place. We are one of a small handful of centres to utilise UV light to instantly kill bacteria and reduce the levels of harmful chlorine used in our pool. We are independently tested for water quality.