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In 2019 the Canine Fitness Centre was founded with a clear mission to change the landscape of 360° patient care for Dogs across Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey. With in-clinic experiences feeling rushed and impersonal, lacking appropriate experience and failing to achieve lasting results we knew there could be something better.

At the Canine fitness Centre we believe physiotherapy and hydrotherapy is so much more than pain relief and recovery. It’s about preventing injury, improving performance and enhancing the everyday lives of our patients too. Our priority is ensuring that owners understand their dog’s needs and are prepared with the tools to ensure an outstanding quality of life for their canine pals.

Our knowledgeable team of experts are passionate about helping dogs to live their best lives – free of pain, improved in mobility and supported by trusted specialists who know a thing or two about dogs. We want you to live a life together doing the things you love.

Today, the Canine Fitness Centre is the most trusted Veterinary Rehabilitation practice in Hampshire with a growing community of outreach clinics and mobile care teams across Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey. With a unique blend of scientific, technological and customer service expertise, we are redefining what great care looks like and delivering it consistently to achieve the best possible results for your dog. 

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