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Health Assessments

Our health assessments are suitable for any dog where an owner wishes to catch any little niggles before they become a bigger problem.

We’ll start with a chat about your dog to understand what their home life is like, what they eat, and what their exercise programme is like. Then we’ll progress to hands on assessments.

We use advanced palpation techniques to examine nearly 100 different muscles to look for strains, trigger points or radiating myofascial pain.

We’ll also take a look at how your dog stands, walks and trots using our specialist force plate and video tracking systems.

Finally we’ll make any recommendations as to how you can keep your dog as healthy as possible moving forwards


One off assessment session

Discover our work with Canine Partners

Canine Partners is a local charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. Their amazing dogs bring a greater independence and quality of life to their partners, offering security, companionship, and practical help with everyday household tasks.

We are proudly partners with this amazing charity to provide health checks to pre-work puppies at 6 months and 12 months of age. This partnership allows us to catch any small health concerns before they prevent these puppies from progressing to advanced training and beyond.