The Gold Standard in Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy for dogs

Non-surgical Alternatives

We understand not all dogs are suitable candidates for surgical intervention. If, for whatever reason, surgery isn’t necessary or isn’t affordable at this time, our practitioners can provide you with a whole host of alternatives. We offer custom orthopedic devices – such as braces, slings, prosthetics and wraps – and work with your vet or specialist vets in pain management options.

Pain Management

Getting on top of pain is our number one priority. We’ll work with your vet to ensure appropriate medications and to ensure our treatments are appropriate for your animal.

Physiotherapy Consultation

The very first thing we need to do is understand your dog's pain. To do this our specialist Veterinary Physiotherapists will undertake a thorough review of your dog's clinical history and take a hands on assessment to identify trigger points, compensatory areas and work out an effective treatment plan.

Water Based Therapy

Massage Therapy

Manual Therapies

Exercise Prescription

Home Care Advice

Electro Therapies

Orthopaedic Devices

We are one of the few practices specially trained in fitting orthopaedic devices as well as custom creating supports and braces. Different conditions benefit from orthopaedic devices, including CCL tears, hip luxations, shoulder injuries and foot and ankle injuries.