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Pre and Post Operative Recovery

Pre-operative Support

The goal of pre-surgical rehabilitation or “prehab” is to improve function capacity (aerobic condition, strength, ROM, etc.) before a surgical procedure which leads to more rapid postoperative recovery compared with patients who remain physically inactive through the preoperative period. 

Benefits of prehabilitation:

Patients who are in good shape going into surgery tend to have less surgical complications and faster recovery rates. In human trials there is evidence that patients undertaking prehab support recovered after surgery up to x2 faster.

Common Treatments

Post-operative Support

We consider rehabilitation therapy to be an integrative part of the recovery process following illness or injury. Our post-operative aims are to:

Our Veterinary Physiotherapists are highly skilled in working with post-operative orthopaedic and neurologic patients. Rehabilitation therapy is designed around each individual patient to ensure a thorough, long-lasting recovery.

Your Dog's Specialist Veterinary Rehabilitation Team

Leanne Bird

Leanne is our Clinical Director with advanced specialist training from world leaders in Rehabilitation

Cara Curtis-Mays

Cara is a Masters Level qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist with interests in geriatric dogs

Hollie Crowther

Hollie is a Masters qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist with an advanced qualification in Hydrotherapy

Kayleigh Tulloch

Kayleigh is an award winning Veterinary Physiotherapist with interests across all small animals

Abbie Hunter

Abbie is a certified small animal hydrotherapist with interests in both orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation

Tom Worman

Tom is a certified small animal hydrotherapist and centre director specialising in the management and support of Osteoarthritis