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No more guessing at weight distribution

When your dog visits our resident Canine Physiotherapist for a clinical assessment you’ll benefit from accessing the only objective stance analyzer for dogs in Hampshire.

The Stance Analyzer offers our physiotherapists the objectivity needed to draw up the most appropriate game plan for our patients.  The platform allows us to quickly evaluate the way your dog is standing and shifting weight to identify if there is a lameness issue and where to look for it. 

The Stance Analyzer is an integral part of every patient that visits our clinic including wellness exams, limping evaluations, and treatment plan re-checks.  Collecting a standing weight bearing assessment removes subjectivity and gives a simple report that makes it easy to discuss the status of the patient with your client.

Objective measurements of lameness are vital in tracking prescribed treatment plans.  Monitor the status of the patient’s stance during each re-check helps us to ensure that our treatment plans are supported by data.  If progress plateaus, use these data points to show you why the changes we recommend need to be made to the plan.

Not only is this an effective rehabilitation tool but it allows working and athletic dogs to keep ahead of lameness with early detection as a standard part of your wellness programs.  Giving you peace of mind and confidence that we can know if your pets are hurting before they show it.

Identifying lameness before a pet begins to show signs is essential to prescribing pro-active, conservative treatment plans.  An essential part of any wellness program – these objective measurements track the history of a patient’s stance and alert us to any abnormalities.  When a change is detected, we use this data to support our recommendations for additional diagnostics and other treatment options.

Communicating our physical exam findings to you can sometimes be a challenge if you are not a veterinary specialist, especially when what we are seeing and feeling is not visually obvious.  Our Stance Analyzer allows us to share with you and your vet a report that highlights how a pet is bearing weight on each limb.

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