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Is your dog suffering with an injury, recovering from surgery, in chronic pain or lacking mobility? We’ll help you to manage their symptoms in a way that slots seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Your dog will be feeling better in no time with hands-on physiotherapy, guided hydrotherapy, home care support and a roadmap to long-lasting recovery.


Live without limits

There is no doubt that “prevention is better than cure”. Maintaining a healthy weight and excellent musculoskeletal health can help your dog to live a life without limits. 

Our musculoskeletal health programme seeks to find and resolve any little niggles before they become major issues for your pet.


Unleash their potential

Want to take your dog’s sporting or working performance to the next level? We’ll uncover your dog’s key strengths and weaknesses, and work with you to prevent injury, increase performance and reach your dog’s maximum working potential. 

Our expert team are partners in health for Team GB sporting athletes, Working Dogs for the MOD and Canine Partners,  Crufts Award winners and Working Gun Dogs.

Beyond ordinary.

Exceptional health care for your dog.

We know you want the very best for your companion’s health – that’s why the Canine Fitness Centre was modelled after the very best private health care available to humans. Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best veterinary care available – working alongside your Vet our musculoskeletal specialists work to provide you and your dog with the ultimate care.

We seek to discover the underlying cause of pain and treat this via a tailored mix of our different therapies and services. But it’s also so much more than that; we’re here to provide you with industry-leading treatment, tools, and knowledge to help you get the best out of your dog and do more of what you love together.


Our specialist Veterinary Physiotherapists will help your dog to recover from injury, relieve chronic pain and mobility symptoms and restore bodily function.


Our advanced qualified Hydrotherapists will provide guided and supported aquatic treatments in our specialist heated Pool and Underwater Treadmill suites to build muscle, improve movement and relieve pain

Massage Therapy

Integrated within both our physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments massage will help your dog to speed up their recovery after injury or intense competition, as well as alleviate pain and tensions.

Bracing & Orthotics

We are proud to be one of just a few specially trained practices in the UK to be able to design, purchase and fit specialist braces and orthotic devices to support your dog.

Gait & Stance Analysis

Our gait analysis services are integrated into all of our consultations and assessments. Our objective stance analyser measures weight distribution with real time visual data on a screen your therapist will talk you through the results.

Pre-operative Support

We know that recovery after surgery is not always smooth sailing. That’s why our Physiotherapists work to build a reliable “prehab” programme that improves functional capacity before a surgical procedure. In turn this leads to more rapid postoperative recovery compared with patients who remain physically inactive through the pre-operative period.

Post-operative Recovery

We consider rehabilitation therapy to be an integrative part of the recovery process following illness or injury. Our Veterinary Physiotherapists are highly skilled in working with post-operative orthopaedic and neurologic patients to decrease pain, speed up healing and improve surgical outcomes.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

We understand not all dogs are suitable candidates for surgical intervention. If, for whatever reason, surgery isn’t necessary or isn’t affordable at this time, our practitioners can provide you with a whole host of alternatives. We offer custom orthopedic devices – such as braces, slings, prosthetics and wraps – and work with your vet or specialist vets in pain management options.

Behavioural Support

You had a vision of the life you wanted with your dog and it isn’t quite matching up right now – now what? From barking to separation anxiety, reactivity to pulling on lead, you are just a behaviour plan away from your dog-owning dream.

Arthritis Relief

The Canine Fitness Centre is the first (and only) UK clinic to be declared a strategic partner for Canine Arthritis Management. In doing so we ensure through our specialist Arthritis clinics that caring for a dog with Arthritis isn’t stressful, and your dog gets access to the best possible supporting treatments.


As part of our preventative care programme our Physiotherapists will identify your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, catching underlying problems early and create a personalised lifestyle and performance programme to keep your dog’s body working at its best.

Sports Ready

Sports Ready is our in-depth, gold-standard sporting dog assessment designed to help your dog make the most of training and competing. Together we can help your dog to achieve cani-cross, agility and working goals faster and without injury.

Shoot Ready

Shoot Ready is our specialist working dog assessment designed to help your dog make the most of the shooting season. Together we can help your dog to achieve work harder, faster and more sustainably without injury.

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