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Hampshire’s integrated hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and training centre

At the Canine Fitness Centre, we specialise in the management of pain and optimisation of performance in pets and working dogs. We cater for animals with arthritis, agility, sporting or working dogs with injury and any pet recovering from surgery. We also advise on animal health, weight loss and can advise on training programmes to help prevent injury.

We seek to discover the underlying cause of pain and treat this via a tailored mix of our different therapies and services. We offer small animal physiotherapy, sports massage and hydrotherapy for dogs amongst a variety of other complementary pet services in the heart of Hampshire.

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Our Rehabilitation Services

We combine the expertise and specialist disciplines of our resident veterinary care experts across a broad range of rehabilitation programmes for dogs and small animals. Our approach is to work closely with your Veterinary surgeon and cross refer to different therapists as appropriate to the condition of your animal so that they always get the most suitable treatment.

Post Operative Rehab

Post operative rehabilitation programmes maximise the potential outcomes and pace of recovery after surgery.

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Our experts work to mobilise joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, to provide pain relief and the restore bodily function.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Providing relief from discomfort and promotion of physical wellbeing through the non-weight bearing, low impact exercise.

Aquatic Therapy

Physiotherapy derived exercises in a heated pool to enhance sensory perception and improved both gait and strength.

Massage Therapy

A non-invasive therapy for dogs that rehabilitates them from muscular injury and helps support orthopaedic issues.

Therapeutic Laser

Using light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation cold laser therapy treats the surface of the skin to promote healing.

Home Exercise

Following assessment of your animal our experts will teach you some basic home treatments and exercises to assist in the rehabilitation of your animal.

Sports Conditioning

A conditioning program tailored to your individual dog and the sport or work it undertakes will help prevent damage to muscles and joints.

Therapeutic Ultra Sound

Using the heating and vibrational effects of ultra-high frequency sound waves our experts stimulate deep tissue regeneration and flexibility.

Electro Stimulation

Tens can be used for animals as part of a pain relief protocol, prevent atrophy of muscles and promote recovery through strengthening.

Our Fitness Activities

Dog Swimming Pool

Our large heated pool is perfect for fun and fitness. Just 5 minutes of swimming is the equivalent of running for 5 miles for a dog!

Paw Paddock

Our large secure paddock and field shelter can be hired out by the hour including use of equipment, gun dog scurries and fresh water.

Dog Sensory Garden

Our sensory garden is the perfect calm environment for your old or impaired dog to gain mental sensory stimulation.

Gait Analysis

Understand how to reduce the risk of injury through our gait analysis workshops and individually curated conditioning plans.

Training Programmes

Be your dogs best friend with monthly upskilling courses for owners including First Aid, Massage and Behaviour.

Our Rehabilitation Experts

Leanne Turner

Veterinary Physiotherapist

AdvCert Vet Physio, MIRVAP, BSc(Hons)
Tom Worman

Registered Hydrotherapist

CertSAH, IRVAP(Assoc), ICH, BSc (Hons)
Jenny Lewis

McTimoney Chiropractor

MMMA, MSc, BSc (Hons)

What Our Clients Say

Very knowledgable and made our young GSD feel comfortable from the very beginning


Very friendly, brilliant service definitely recommended this place


Brilliant set up. My lad is terrified of deep water but Tom made it fun.


He seems very energised so obviously did him good


I can’t believe how much his water confidence has progressed in just a few weeks