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ABC Principles in detail

Establish an Airway

  • Check to see if the mouth and throat are clear of obstructions
  • To clear the airway, gently tilt the head back and extend the neck
  • Pull the tongue forward between the front teeth
  • Use your finger to remove any material or liquid from the airway
  • Do not put your fingers in the mouth of a conscious animal

Check the Breathing

  • Position the dog on it’s right side if possible
  • Lay your hand on the dog’s chest to feel for any chest movements – or watch for the rise and fall of the chest movements

Check for Circulation

  • To palpate the heart, place your hand on the left side of the chest at the point behind the flexed elbow (see photo below)
  • To check the heart rate (pulse) by gently placing your flat hand on the inside of the upper thigh in the groin area.
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