Rehabilitation Facilities

Our centre, in the heart of the South Downs, is host to a large Hydrotherapy Pool, physiotherapy studios, heated shower facilities, and professional training spaces.

Aquatic Facilities

Our purpose built Hydrotherapy room is a large space ideal for treating animals within our heated, indoor hydrotherapy pool. The pool is kept between 28-31 degrees which means the warmth of the water helps to reduce muscle spasm and promote blood circulation, which in turn promotes healing and reduces swelling.

Pool facilities also include:

  • A therapeutic shower system
  • A professional drier to ensure pets are clean, warm and dry following their hydrotherapy session
  • Access to the pool is via an external and internal steps

All water management tests and control measures are recorded on a daily basis on our computer system. Water is also tested on a regular basis by a specialist company to ensure we are running at optimum conditions.

Clinical Facilities

Our soft floored clinic allows for a calm, dry setting in which animals can be assessed and/or treated in a stress free environment. Additionally we have a full range of core stability and exercise equipment available.

New Facilities Coming Soon

  • A dry treadmill which is ideal for assessing gait and movement patterns, as well as being used for retraining muscle groups and gait re-education. 
  • A stance analyser helps to identifying lameness before a pet begins to show signs, allowing proactive and conservative treatment plans.
  • Thermal imaging allows anatomical structures to be easily discerned, and pinpoint the seat of pain, allowing diagnosis or more targeted tests to be performed.

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