Osteoarthritis Owner Workshops


The amazing Hannah Capon MRCVS, a Veterinary Surgeon and Director of Canine Arthritis Management, presents her live training programme in bitesize video modules to help you understand everything you need to as an owner of a dog with Osteoarthritis.

The videos load in a private YouTube channel so you can even add them to your favourite videos to watch time and time again! You will not find these videos on any Youtube search because they’re exclusively for programme subscribers.

01| What is Arthritis?

Time: 19 minutes 36 seconds

02| Critical Education

Time: 16 minutes 04 seconds

03| Signs & Symptoms

Time: 27 minutes 31 seconds

04| Making A Diagnosis

Time: 31 minutes 52 seconds

05| Vets & Therapists

Time: 47 minutes 14 seconds

06| Owners Role (1)

Time: 20 minutes 27 seconds

07| Owners Role (2)

Time: 8 minutes 25 seconds

08| Moving Ahead

Time: 27 minutes 20 seconds