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Older Dogs

Your dog is a part of the family. Unfortunately, dogs don’t live as long as humans, so we’re forced to watch them age, and eventually make some very difficult decisions about the end of their lives.

The great news is that you can make a difference in how long your senior dog gets to remain by your side by managing how you spend your time together, what they eat, and the trouble they get into.


The disease that 80% of dogs aged over 8 suffer from

Arthritis (osteoarthritis – OA) is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. It is a disabling, non-curable, and progressive disease which initially focuses on moving joints but eventually affects the whole dog and is a major cause of euthanasia due to loss of quality of life.

It is an extremely complex disease that requires a dedicated owner collaborating well with their vet to control the pain, maximise the mobility and ensure a full and active life for their dog.

Have you noticed that your dog’s energy levels are decreased; their enthusiasm to exercise is reduced, or their normal habits of stretching, shaking and rolling have become infrequent, replaced with something new such as licking their front paws? Or maybe they just seem to want to be left alone more of the time. Contact your vet as they may have arthritis.