Hire a space at the Canine Fitness Centre

Our community of animal care experts is constantly growing. We have office and consulting rooms available as well as a paddock for hire. If you are a freelance animal expert looking for a base – join us at the Canine Fitness Centre with flexible terms and some great perks.

Flexible Space: £50 per day

Need a room to run a workshop, provide some consultation or treat an animal but don’t want to commit to a regular booking then this is your perfect option.

  • No VAT to add
  • All utilities included
  • Tea, Coffee and Water
  • High Speed Internet
  • Kitchen and WC access

Regular User: £38 per day

If you need a regular space to operate from but can’t commit to taking a space each working day of the week then this is the option for you.

Get the Flexible space benefits plus:

  • Allocated room and times
  • Website listing
  • Postal service
  • Service referrals

Partner: £27.50 per day

Need an all inclusive package, no hidden fees, and to be recognised as part of the Canine Fitness Centre portfolio then this is your plan.

Get the Flexible space benefits plus:

  • Exclusive room hire
  • Branding on external signage
  • Website marketing
  • Exclusivity on service referrals
  • Business support
  • Postal Services
  • Reception Services

Minimum commitments: Flexible Space: None | Regular User: 2 Days per week | Partner: 4 Days per week

Commercial Paddock Hire

Need a regular space to walk dogs, teach agility, scent work your dogs? You can run your outdoor business from our centre with two different package options. These options are only available to those wishing to commit to repeat regular bookings.

Business Hire: £6 per hour plus £1 per dog

The whole paddock, yours for up to an hour. Each subsequent hour is charged at the same rate so if you allow half an hour each side of your booking for set up and pack down then you will pay £12 plus £1 per dog in the session.

Business Plus: POA

Supercharge your business with our plus package. A fixed rate for the paddock hire, reserved weekly at the same time for you plus marketing on our platforms, high speed internet for your clients, office space, online booking portal and much much more.