Friends & Family Open Days

We’re nearly ready to welcome new clients thanks to the wonderful support of friends and family! We thought it is only right that we should give you a little something back with a complimentary session at our soft (test the centre) weekend.

You will need to register with us by the dates set out below so that we can request fitness confirmation for your animal from your Vets.

Friends & Family

SATURDAY 13TH APRIL 19 | 08:00 to 18:00

SUNDAY 14TH APRIL 19 | 08:00 to 14:00

7TH APRIL 2019

Open Day Experience

Our open day experiences are private sessions of up to 1 hour each and include:

  • A Tour of the facilities
  • Pre-swim health assessment
  • Controlled trial swimming session
  • Luxury wash and dry
  • Gifts for animals and owners

For the safety and welfare of the animals we politely request that family, friends, owners and professionals who simply want to visit without a swimming session please visit between 13:00 and 14:00 each day for a free tour of the facilities when there will be no sessions running.

We require veterinary confirmation of fitness to participate prior to any swim for all animals unless you are a Veterinary Surgeon and are happy to self-affirm the fitness of your animal. The booking deadlines allow us time to contact your Vet to gain approval. If you have not seen them with your animal in the last 6 months you may be asked to attend for your animal to undergo a basic health examination. By contacting your Vet we are assured of the safety and wellbeing of your animal – particularly if there are underlying conditions which may have an adverse effect during swimming.

Book your complimentary session today

Step 01: Complete the form below, pencil the date in your diary and wait whilst we contact your Vet for confirmation of fitness

Step 02: As soon as we get Vet approval your online account will be activated and instructions emailed so that you can book your exclusive session

Step 03: Login to this website and book your session time. Use the coupon code ‘OPENDAY‘ to secure your complimentary session.


Don’t like online forms? Not a problem, this new fangled technology isn’t for everyone, so head to our booking information page for alternative ways to register.