Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrotherapy Questions

Can I swim with my dog?Unfortunately we do not typically allow clients to swim with their animals due to insurance purposes. The only time that we allow clients in the pool is to assist with handling under the strict instruction of our qualified hydrotherapists. All our hydrotherapists are highly trained so that they can offer a safe experience for your pet. You’re welcome to watch your pet from the handy viewing platform.
Can any type of pet use the pool?Typically, hydrotherapy is used for dogs, but if you have another species that likes water and is recommended hydrotherapy by a vet, we would be happy to work with them.
Does my Vet have to refer me?If you are swimming your dog for fun, fitness or socialisation then we simply require confirmation from your vet that your dog does not have any conditions that may adversely affect the dog in the water. If we are treating your dog for a medical condition then we require confirmation from your vet that your dog is fit enough to be treated and does not have any conditions that may adversely affect the dog in the water. Lots of conditions benefit from hydrotherapy, please contact your vet or your local hydrotherapy centre to ask if your dog would benefit.
How many sessions per week are required?There are no hard and fast rules and much depends upon the dog’s breed, age, weight, capability, medical condition and medical history and the reason for treatment. This is where a qualified Canine Hydrotherapist will be better placed to design and discuss the appropriate protocol with you.
How long is a typical treatment session?Session times vary depending on each dog’s needs. It is not unusual for initial treatment to last as little as 1 or 2 minutes. This reduces the risk of potential adverse reaction post treatment. As the patient’s conditioning improves the duration of each session is likely to increase. Sessions lasting 10 to 15 minutes are quite common. Typically a session will allow for around 30 minutes in the pool area including time for showering, drying and debrief with our therapist afterwards.
Are all types of dogs suitable for Hydrotherapy?There are certain types of dog who enjoy the swimming part of the hydrotherapy more than others, however we are equipped to deal with all shapes and sizes, from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane. Particular care will be afforded to certain breeds who may find it more difficult to breath comfortably under aerobic conditions in water.