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Thermographic Imaging

Sedative Free Diagnostic Imaging

Thermography is a non invasive test of the body’s physiology and has been recognised as a useful tool in the early identification of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Our screening service is 100% safe and completely non invasive and most dogs find the process stress free.

Assessing & Aiding Difficult Diagnosis

Highly experienced technicians and full interpretation by veterinary surgeons

Thermography is one of the best diagnostic tests to isolate nerve abnormality

Thermography can help to detect the early signs of arthritic changes and can also help to monitor changes over time

Thermography can help to easily identify muscular issues and monitor the response to treatment

Tendon and ligament monitoring service can help to detect breakdown 2-4 weeks prior to structural lesions becoming present

Monitor the response to treatment by objectively measuring inflammatory and neurological processes

Michelle Enoch

Michelle is our advance certified thermographic imaging technician. Dogs have, since childhood, been a huge part of her life and having an old Dalmatian with hard to diagnose issues, she became interested in thermography as a tool to aid veterinary diagnostics. The non sedation, non invasive approach of thermography ignited her interest in helping older and ill dogs that may otherwise be out of the remit of MRI and x-ray, but yet still have pain that requires identification and treatment.