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Chiropractic Services

Canine Chiropractic

Chiropractic is useful for assessment, treatment and relief of existing pain in dogs and as a maintenance treatment to restore joint function and mobility. Chiropractors detect bio-mechanical abnormalities through examination of the dog and correct these structural restrictions with low-force adjustments.

Sporting and Working Dogs

These active dogs need regular chiropractic care to restore and maintain flexibility and to achieve and maintain peak performance.

Geriatric dogs

Chiropractic helps to prevent compensatory problems which lead to abnormal patterns, ensuring flexibility and functions.

Breeding dogs

Birthing difficulties can cause musculoskeletal problems in both the bitch and puppies - tackle the causes before it becomes a serious problem.

Pet dogs

All dogs will benefit from chiropractic care as they easily pick up micro-traumas throughout their lives in a variety of ways.

Jenny Lewis

Our canine chiropractic clinic is led by a fully qualified and insured animal therapist who specialises in McTimoney manipulation and clinical massage. Jenny is also a qualified hydrotherapist and has experience in the conservative management and post operative care of a number of acute and chronic conditions.
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