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Treatment and Session Pricing

Our prices are changing in 2022 here's why

Increasing Operating Costs

Since the 2021 fuel crisis the costs of heating and running our facility have increased by over 50%. Despite using energy efficient heating methods such as an air sourced Heat Pump we face considerable costs still.

Coronavirus Cancellations

Just like the hospitality sector we face a large issue from clients cancelling due to the requirement to isolate following contraction or exposure to Coronavirus. We continue to support a no-charge practice for those isolating to protect our staff and customers.

Increasing Staffing Costs

Our team are amongst the best in the business. They have studied at University for over 3 years to specialise in Veterinary Physiotherapy and they deserve to be paid a salary that recognises these skills, experience and dedication to your dog.

Increased Practice Fees

Annually we bench mark our fees against similar practices across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex to ensure we remain competitive and can be here for your dog when you need us. Service prices have increased on average 47% against 2021.

Here is what you get for your fees

(Most of these are unique to our gold standard service delivery)

More dedicated time

Typically our treatment sessions are 25% longer than the industry average

Highly skilled team

Our practitioners have typically completed L6 or L7 University study

All Inclusive Treatments

Treatment sessions include all appropriate modalities for your dog

No Hidden Charges

We don't charge extra for additional support or specialist services

Full Access To Records

Our bespoke platform provides access to records and home exercises

Unlimited rewards

Can you believe some places charge for dog treats? Not us. Mmm biscuits!

One to one Sessions

Every session is exclusively for your dog. We don't share sessions.

Fast Insurance Claims

We don't make you wait 6 weeks for claims. 3 to 5 days as standard.

Premium Products

Our complimentary grooming products and treats are premium offerings.

Complimentary WiFi

Our superfast WiFi is free so you can keep working or make calls while here.


Our nose to tail assessment and health planning
£ 85
inclusive of VAT
  • 90 minute full consultation session
  • Led by a specialist Vet Physiotherapist
  • Assessment, treatment and advice

Treatment Sessions

Our multi-modality treatments
£ 55
inclusive of VAT
  • 60 minute treatment session
  • Led by a specialist Vet Physiotherapist
  • Combination of treatment modalities

Maintenance Sessions

Single modality maintenance support
£ 45
inclusive of VAT
  • 30 - 40 minute treatment session
  • Led by a specialist in their field
  • A single focussed treatment modality

Pricing comparisons

We annually benchmark our fees against comparative centres across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey and Dorset. This ensures you get gold standard treatment for affordable session fees.

Full Consultation
Average fee : £96.22

You save £11.22

Follow Up Treatments
Average fee : £62.43

You save £7.43

Maintenance Treatments
Average fee : £53.60

You save £8.60